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Join us in Tagbilaran City to take stock of the wealth of experience and expertise we hold collectively as a profession. We welcome your creative and thought-provoking presentations on all aspects of planning in 2023 and beyond.
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Land Use Policy & Governance

Crucial for sustainable development, ensuring equitable allocation and management of resources while preserving environmental integrity.
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Transport & Infra Planning

Essential for creating efficient, accessible, and resilient systems that support economic growth and enhance quality of life for communities.
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Transport Policy Evaluation

Guides evidence-based decisions, fostering sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.
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Computational Modeling

Enables the simulation and analysis of complex systems, providing insights to inform planning.
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Community-led Efforts in Plng

Empower local residents to actively participate in shaping their neighborhoods.
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Blue-Green Economy & SD

Promotes sustainable development by leveraging the synergies between economic growth and environmental conservation.
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