Authored By: A Ty | Published: April 23, 2023

PIEP Joins UAP’s CONEX in a Spectacular Showcase of Innovation and Expertise at PICC

The Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP) proudly participated in the highly anticipated CONEX Expo organized by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) on April 19-23, 2023. This remarkable event, touted as the biggest and most innovative expo of 2023, took place at the prestigious Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

CONEX, short for Construction Expo, brought together professionals from various disciplines in the construction and built environment industry. It served as a platform for exchanging ideas, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaboration among industry experts. This year, CONEX exceeded all expectations with its expansive exhibition space, engaging activities, and insightful conferences.

PIEP’s presence at CONEX was marked by a remarkable booth that showcased the institute’s commitment to environmental planning and sustainable development. With its captivating design and informative displays, the booth attracted visitors from different sectors who were eager to learn more about PIEP’s invaluable contributions to the field.

The PIEP booth served as a hub of knowledge and expertise, offering visitors a wealth of information on sustainable urban planning, green architecture, and environmental conservation. Visitors had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with the PIEP National Board headed by its National President Maria Ana Pulido. She was joined by National VP Jose Alfonso Barizo, VP Luzon – Ana Marie Abante, VP Visayas – Efren Logroño, and VP Mindanao – Josefino Bascug. It was notable to have been visited by distinguished architects, urban planners and other professionals at the PIEP’s booth. These interactions sparked insightful conversations and encouraged the exchange of ideas on creating more livable, resilient, and environmentally friendly communities.

Moreover, PIEP organized a series of informative sessions and workshops as part of its participation in CONEX. These sessions delved into critical topics such as climate change resilience, urban biodiversity, and sustainable transportation. The aim was to raise awareness and provide attendees with practical insights and strategies for integrating sustainability into their respective projects and practices.

The collaboration between PIEP and UAP in this groundbreaking event exemplifies the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation in shaping a sustainable built environment. By joining forces, these two esteemed organizations showcased their collective dedication to creating innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges.

The impact of PIEP’s participation in CONEX extended beyond the event itself. It served as a catalyst for knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering partnerships among professionals, industry leaders, and aspiring environmental planners. The exchange of ideas and experiences will undoubtedly contribute to the development of more sustainable and resilient communities across the Philippines.

As CONEX came to a close, PIEP reflected on the tremendous success and positive reception it received during the expo. The institute remains committed to its mission of promoting environmental planning excellence and championing sustainable development. Through its active involvement in events like CONEX, PIEP continues to drive innovation, inspire change, and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

In conclusion, PIEP’s participation in UAP’s CONEX at PICC was a resounding success, showcasing the institute’s expertise and commitment to environmental planning. The event served as a powerful platform for PIEP to engage with industry professionals, share knowledge, and advocate for sustainable development. The institute’s involvement in CONEX further solidifies its role as a key player in shaping a more sustainable built environment in the Philippines.